Nigel Hole Osteopathy is a specialist osteopathy practice offering a professional and tailored approach to our patients’ individual needs. Osteopathy is a holistic form of treatment, started by an American Doctor in 1876. The basic principle of osteopathy is `Structure Governs Function’. If the structure of the body is perfect, then it should function perfectly. When the structure starts to go wrong, dysfunction can result in pain, discomfort and continuing damage.

Stiffness and tightness in the joints and muscles is a frequently observed reason for the body’s structure going `wrong’, causing resultant pain. Osteopathic treatment involving soft tissue massage/stretch, articulation and manipulation of the joints and muscles is an effective method of attempting to increase flexibility and function to these stiff and tight areas, thus relieving pain.

All osteopaths practicing in the UK must by law belong to the Statutory Register of Osteopaths – The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). This is the regulatory body responsible for maintaining professional standards and ensuring public safety.

Nigel Hole Osteopathy is a private practice where patients can self refer or indeed be referred by GP’s or Consultants. Two common misconceptions regarding osteopathy are that people only present with back pain and that patients must undress in order to be treated. This is not the case. Stiffness and tightness can occur in any joint in the body and the same level of treatment can be given to all our patients when they are fully clothed in appropriate lightweight clothing. Your wishes, beliefs and modesty are all respected and we are happy for patients to be chaperoned should they prefer.

Nigel Hole Osteopathy was established by our Senior Osteopath, Nigel Hole BSc. (Hons), D.O., M.R.O back in 1987. Nigel was determined to offer a professional and flexible clinic, ensuring patients feel comfortable with their treatment and the clinic environment.

Our staff are passionate about osteopathy and its many benefits. If we are unable to help, you will be suitably referred either for second opinion or to your GP with a recommendation for Consultant referral.

We are registered with a number of private health companies – please contact us to discuss if your insurer can cover your treatment. We are able to accept payment by cash, cheque and card from August 2014.

“Osteopathy, not just for backs…”

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Privacy Statement

As Osteopaths we are bound by strict Confidentiality Rules as set out by the General Osteopathic Council.

We securely hold Personal Information about you including details about your Medical History. The storage of this information is vital in the provision your osteopathic care and is for your safety and protection.

The Data and Personal identifiers that we record about you are NOT shared or passed on to ANYONE outside this practice unless we have obtained your written authorisation.

The information held will not be used in any way for marketing or profiling.

Data may be used for statistical reports for research and audit but all personal identifiers that link you to the data will be removed in processing.

No text messages or emails will be sent for appointments or health care unless you have initiated that method of communication. If you do not want to communicate via this method, please reply OPTOUT by emailing to info@nigelholeosteopathy or texting to 07971088780, stating your name. Thank you.

We comply fully with your rights under the GDPR Regulation.

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